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Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP

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ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning

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ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) originates from the manufacturing sector. There was a requirement to merge together all the material costs with costs for labor, inventory, transportation and to include all the other support and administrative costs. Research and analysis firm Gartner in 1990, introduced the ERP definition.

Responding to needs, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were enhanced to include Financial institutions, Warehouse Distribution companies, Pharmaceuticals, Retailers and more. ERP systems now attempt to cover all core functions of an enterprise, regardless of the organization's business or charter.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules which formerly would have been stand-alone applications include: Product lifecycle management, Supply chain management (e.g. Purchasing, Manufacturing and Distribution, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Processing, Online Sales, Financials, Human Resources, Retail POS, and Decision Support System.
In government, ERP has been adopted by all government levels from federal to municipal.

IT Business and Marketing Solutions Inc’s technical analysts include an average of 20 years individual experience in the distribution areas of clean and hazardous materials. The analysts have experience with finance, logistics, supply-chain systems and the setting up of new business areas or businesses. We have had hands on experience with facilities planning, system sizing, vendor selection, implementation management, training and post implementation support. Our seniors pride themselves on delivering what the customer ERP software product purchaser wants. With the customer as a partner the projects have always been implemented on time, respecting the entire implementation budget. Contact itBMS for more information.

Enterprise Resource Planning in Wholesale and Retail Distribution

This is a very rich set of business possibilities as you can see:
• You deal with many vendors who deliver products to you in different ways.
• You are a direct seller to retail customers and need “point of sales” functionality.
• You have consignment inventory.
• You are a sales agent for some products and only provide orders to your vendor when you receive a customer purchase order. (Heavy machinery).
• You do central purchasing and receiving to redistribute goods to your own warehouses.
• Your suppliers ship directly to your own warehouses and you do centralized management of inventory and finances.
• You manage inventory at each of your warehouses and do stock transfers between them.
• You have “distributer customers” who own warehouses and you ship to their central warehouse, and they redistribute to their warehouses, or you ship to the distributor’s warehouse and bill the customer centrally.
• You purchase some goods by the dozen and sell by the each. You need the programs to automatically do the cost and markup conversions.
• You buy items from several manufacturers and assemble kits. (Example is writing paper and pens)
• You manage inventory at each of your warehouses and can do stock transfers between them or each warehouse manages its inventory.
• You may operate with many currencies, transportation providers.
• You need to manage inventory so as to hold the least amount while always being able to satisfy customer requests.
• You have consignment inventory.
• You have printed and electronic catalogues and need to maintain them.
• You have website(s) and need to generate sales promotions, accept payments and requests for information, cancellations, returns or refunds.


Enterprise Resource Planning in Manufacturing

ERP Manufacturing is a very wide topic as there are a great many types. These usually fall into the following categories.

Process manufacturing (continuous and recipe)
•Petroleum refining, chemical, mining, water treatment, plastic molding, etc.
•Products may be packaged in various ways and are sold by volume or weight.
•Most products are made to recipes, (bakery products, toothpaste, Soda-Pop, cement). Manufacturing light-bulbs are often managed as a process.

Discrete Manufacturing
Products that you manufacture using parts that you can count.
At the lowest level, everything made from an each.
  •Types of discrete manufacturing processes.
  •Make to Order(Plans and bills of material exist)
  •Make to stock / Make to forecast. With “Make to Stock” manufacturing is usually to replenish items before they are sold out. In “Make to Forecast”, the sales department provides estimated quantities of items it expects to sell. Manufacturing can be based any combination methods to “respond to demand (chase)”, manufacture a constant amount of product per time-period (level), manufacture as fill work, slack periods arrive.
  •Repetitive manufacturing usually applies to discrete items for which there is a known periodic demand. (nails, screws )

Engineer to Order(ETO)
Manufacturing starts with a order contract document indicating what is wanted. The product has to be designed (engineered), tested at each critical manufacturing step and usually subject to full quality control. The manufacturing of the deliverable is termed a project, a special case of Discrete Manufacturing.

Examples are projects to build aircrafts, ships, trains, data-centers, refineries, plastic manufacturing systems etc. In ETO, the manufacturing process is “Project Driven”, with costs attributed to the project that records all the activities to build the item. A previous similar project and be used to estimate costs for a new project.

Here again, itBMS staff have worked in ETO environments (electronics, construction, aeronautics and other). We can provide training, for the major ERP products and as well, customization to handle your specific industry requirements.



Enterprise Resource Planning in Retail Point of Sales (POS)

is an award-winning developer of professional open source solutions for businesses, offering the industry's first real alternative to proprietary enterprise software. The company's web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (PoS) solutions, the most popular in their market, have been downloaded more than a million times and are used in over 50 countries.


Enterprise Resource Planning in Finances

Real-Estate holdings
Asset Management – Property Management
Budgeting and cash management
Insurance, banking, mortgages


Enterprise Resource Planning in Fashion and Apparel

A mixed mode industry where tissue is converted to clothing. Many styles, many sizes. (shoes)

Enterprise Resource Planning in Service Industries

Hospitals, Governments ERP for School Districts and Municipalities

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