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Gain competitive advantage, expand your capacities in sales process, and generate new business!

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Strategic Marketing Services to Maximize your Success:

Helping Decision Makers to sway their target audience!

Do you have the right solutions for your business success?
itBMS Services will help you maximize your business success through a combination of our experts advisors, best industry practices, methodologies, and certified partners.

We covert all phases of your solution life cycle, from planning to building to running. Our experts can work closely with you to help your business generate exceptional value. How? By evaluating and managing your business strategies and performance needs and by providing your organization with the expert guidance to maximize your enterprise goals.

You’re Partner for Sales and Representation:

We qualify, develop current leads –appointments based on Company data base (DB); conclude business and, development of new ones. Includes analyze of customer needs and current business obstacles, identifying projects, scoping potential business solutions, improving sales by coordinating sales efforts with your company sales team. Proposal management includes pre-bid, bid phase, and post-bid phase. .

Business Development:

To set up and manage strategic relationships and alliances with other third-party companies plus establish new strategic partnerships based on your company’s solutions, and products.

A successful business development with a multi-disciplinary approach, allows your company to penetrate existing markets and gain new customers.

We support your business development process using marketing combined with knowledge management and customer service. The stages includes prospecting, evaluating a business, developing relationships, exposing your offerings at Trade Show/Special Event Marketing.

Assessment of your marketing opportunities (market value), and target markets includes:

• Competitive Intelligence gathering on your customers and competitors.
• Generating leads for potential sales.
• Advising on, and enforcing sales policies and processes.
• Following-up of sales activities according to results
• Writing of formal proposals, and top performing presentations management.
• Pitch, presentation rehearsals, and business plan.
• Reporting and advising on reasons for wins/lose progress of opportunities in relation to the sales process, conversion rates, and sales channels, sales of solutions or products.

To realize its full potential, techniques used include:

• Prospect and develop businesses by industry market.
• Prospect and develop businesses by geographical regions.
• Marketing and ecommerce
• Information management (sometimes conflated with knowledge management)
• Customer service

Build Channel of distribution:

We identify, qualify, develop and conclud agreements with strategic-channel or future distributors in a specific regions according to planned objectives such as core business products, services or verticals. We become an operational function to support the selling functions of your company.

Distribution channels contribute the movement of products and services from your company to end-users and to other businesses such as wholesalers, retailers, and industries—involved in making a product or service available for use or consumption. Distribution channels are just one component of the overall concept of distribution networks, which are the real, tangible systems of interconnected sources and destinations through which products pass on their way to final end-users.

Pre-Sales-Customer Service-Technical Support:

Scenario 1
You own or work for a company in expansion. You recognize that you require a centralized system (ERP) system. This new system would be required to merge different stand-along systems into common software. The objective is to have real-time information to support a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function. In addition, you need to perform sales analysis by product, geographic region, distributor, salesman, profit, and other key performance indicators. All reporting to help you target customers of interest to maintain and grow profits.

Our senior ERP analysts can review your specific business requirements with you, create a Request for Information (RFI) from each vendor, and even obtain a proof of software functionality. After product selection, we can provide project management activities to ensure a smooth implementation. itBMS Analysts have in-depth experience in multiple fields.

Scenario 2
Your Company needs a cost-effective marketing promotion to generate targeted leads and build your Company’s credibility. itBMS, has a vast experience in the preparation of white papers, blogs, podcast, ip phone, website contents, search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEO), and banners including targeted advertisement blasting, and call centers assistance.

itBMS’s customer service, tracks inbound support requests and inquiries, assigns case numbers and offers a guaranteed response time of pre-established hours so you customers receive quality support in a timely manner. Support options include telephone, email and secure remote access according to requirements.

Call Centers:

Cold-call calling techniques and scripts with a proven telemarketing methodology. We will help you’re Company to develop a customized solution to prescreen the interest levels of prospects and clients. The best opportunity ever to keep in touch with your customers, improve their fidelity, launch new products or services, upgrades, surveys, and announcements. Prioritize your telemarketing efforts, and higher sales per call. Prepare and send executive email campaigns with strategic messaging that will encourage specific calls to action.

Collateral & Research for Vendors and Software Enterprise

How do we attract decision makers and target audiences?
Marketing collateral has become a “must have” option for small or medium businesses if you want stay competitive in a fast evolving industry.

How do we attract decision makers or potential customers to your Website?
Through using advertising tools such as: Blogs, Newsletters, White Papers, Case Studies, and Reports.

Through websites and specialized Media Partners in desired fields according with your objectives, specific market, industry, and geographical region.

Vendor, get your software analyzed:
You need to differentiate your solution from your competitors? We can help you to showcase your strengths and benefits of your products. Gain competitive advantage in sales process; generate new business, and length of sales cycle. Get potential customers, subscribers and readers worldwide.

Blogs: Blogs are articles of short duration, usually to promote a product or offering. Creating a blog related to your website, means communicating with your potential customers, providing them content or news about a particular subject in an interactive manner, and to request feedback with their comments. We can write your blog at other websites and have links to your website. It will help you increase the number of visits and at the same time do advertising for your product or service.

Newsletters: delivers your announcements, news, updates, releases and industry topics. Join others in keeping current with the news in your sector. An invitation to sign up for access to the up-to-date latest news and information provided by your company. Subscriptions to your newsletter will increase your database of client contact information. (a client database is a list of potential and actual clients, coupled to other marketing information). Get your clients opinion through interactive polls or questionnaires.

Executive Report: is a brief high-level overview consisting of 1-3 pages, a key marketing message of specific and condensed topic to be used as a thesis to a white paper. The process includes an interactive session with the writer (author) to exchange knowledge and experiences.

White Paper (WP): A Cost-Effective marketing tool that generates targeted leads and build your Company’s Credibility. Deliverable: 1-3 pages per document.

What is a white paper? It is your company’s statement based on the audience's questions or concerns about how a problem should be solved including technical products or services. An accurate report with:
• Latest information about features-functions-benefits;
• Implementation details;
• Present technical or marketing manual;
• Practical advice;
• Introduction to new processes (business and technological);
• And in using existing software to solve a common problem or trends in software.

A well-publicized white paper becomes a tool in your sales and marketing strategy. Helping potential buyers involved in complex decisions to make better decisions.

Case Study/Product Review

An in-depth analysis about a specific subject, a systematic way of looking at facts,collecting data, analyzing information and reporting the results. CS for vendors contributes to a reader’s knowledge about your offerings. It includes examples where the software has solved an industry problem, addresses a niche market or often highlights vendors’ strengths or ability to solve a problem.

A Case Study (CS) is a differentiator, for successful customer implementations, product upgrades performance improvements and value added results. Deliverable: 1-3 page document.

Survey Report: A general report based on a review of customer survey responses. It covers feedback from customers concerning satisfaction, technical support, product functionalities, customer experience, confidence, perceived values, fidelity, brand, etc.

Market Report: is a comprehensive report to profile the business process of a targeted market within a specific software category. Readers will gain insight to the top seller’s capabilities, including customized functionalities, market viability, technology, personalized service, business applications and market place competition.

Our goal is to support your business strategies by providing you with a source for all your market report and business intelligence needs and to help vendors and industry readers make informed decisions. Deliverable: variable length.

Advertising: broad SMB to reach your company through specialized web sites. Benefits include brand awareness and positioning product launches.

Multimedia Integration

Podcast: is the way to target your content to the right audience, focus and niche; an audio file that is specifically on one subject. Presentations includes: announcements, releases, new versions, products news, interviews, etc. The audio file is available to be automatically downloaded) and played in real time. Deliverable: An audio file, format TBD approximately 30 sec. to 3 minutes in length.

Video (Corporative video production): Presentations, User Manuals, Demos, How to use, Training, etc. Deliverable: A video file, format flash or other format for approximately 30 sec. to 10 minutes in duration.

Build in Cost Savings: Whether you're selling direct or through distributor channels, by opening the online channels, your business can become successful at selling online. On-line provides global exposure for your Company. ITBMS can assist you to receive full value in advertising and promotions (site, solutions and services) and to reduce the length of a sales cycle.


Get your Web Site translated. KO the final Frontier!
The power of website translation

Your company stands a better chance of success if it speaks the local language. itBMS, can help you and make sure that translations are high quality inline with the local jargon to make your product a success in desired region. Customers all over the world will have created a demand for your products and services.

Developed services that get results!

We offer translation services with native speaking professional translators to help you reach new markets as a local seller. With highly qualified translators in the IT industry, your message gains brand awareness, positioning and ranking for your target countries.

Our Translators are versed in the IT jargon and technology terminology. Proofreading is included with every translation, when you finally receive your document, it has been checked by at least two native speaking translators.

Currently we support the target Languages of: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese.

If you are interested in finding out more about our translation services, please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Getting Started

1. Call and speak with an expert
2. Analyze , review plan and budget
3. Delivers optimized plan
4. Get more qualified leads
5. Adjustments, maintenance and improvements according to agreements

Attract Decision Makers as your target audience!

Want to learn more?
To speak to a representative who can help answer your questions please contact the itBMS sales office nearest you or email your questions to:

Gain competitive advantage, expand your capacities in sales process, and generate new business!


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