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Our Company is a multidisciplinary group of professionals specializing in the areas of “ IT, Technology, Systems Analysis, Business and Marketing solutions ”.
Our Team : [ Leslie Satenstein | María Mercedes Arechavaleta | David Cohen | Armando Navarrete | Kevin Fong ]
External Consultants : [ Alexander Hankewicz | Andrée Savard | Eri Lida | Izabela Zdun ]

If you’re part of a small or medium business (SMB), you know that growing means continuous efforts to improve profitability. With a limited budget for improvements, you need to ensure the best valued results. Today, this can be done by taking advantage through a program of creative strategies and through employing newer more efficient technologies.

Working with itBMS , your company interacts with the «experts». Each of our professionals has strong technical and business qualifications, including a track record of more than 25 years of individual hands-on successful experience. Industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Business Development
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Enterprise Software
  • Finance
  • Government (all levels)
  • Human Resources
  • IT Security
  • Law Firms
  • Medical
  • Non Profit  Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Project and Product Management
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Security

IT Business & Marketing Solutions (itBMS), provides business solutions to small or medium businesses (SMB) and to Vendors of enterprise Software. Our deliverables help improve ‘’ return on investment’’ (ROI). We have provided strategic marketing campaigns to improve results, integrate multiple channels, and convert visitors into customers.

Our analysts have worked at the Fortune 500 enterprises such as BELL, IBM, SAP, Hewlett Packard(HP) and others to develop and deliver expert solutions. The team has strategic subject expertise to provide economic solutions that integrate proven methodologies and business acumen. Collectively, we at itBMS leverage our industry knowledge to focus our efforts on what we do best for our clients, delivering value.

From the conception steps of implementation, followed by business analysis, and the implementation of strategic marketing tactics (SEO & SEM). We identify and target problem areas with business solutions tailored to provide improved efficiency and increased profitability. Use our business acumen with the deployment of the latest technologies to maximize marketing and advertising efforts, implement cost effective software solutions and system re-engineering strategies to move and stay ahead of the competition.

Our expertise makes us a powerful partner to help grow your business.

Our Team :

Leslie Satenstein
Executive VP Operations & Technology
itBMS Co-owner

As Senior Vice President of Operations and technology of itBMS, Leslie is responsible for global Operations, Information Technology, Product Security, Corporate Development and Customer Services.

Prior to heading up the technical side of ITMS, Leslie worked for Technology Evaluation Centers as author and Senior ERP analyst. He brings to itBMS over 25 years of diverse IT technical and managerial experience. Leslie noted that for his first years following university graduation he worked in banking, where he held positions as mathematician, Senior Architect, and then Application Implementation Manager with the respective team under his responsibility. His mathematical forecasting models and queuing theory analysis resulted in millions of dollars of hardware savings for the Royal Bank of Canada as well as having architected fast transaction rates for ATM transaction, putting the Banks transaction response times ahead of the competition. In the latter part of the 15 years, Leslie moved to Montreal and worked for ‘’Caisses Populaires Desjardins’’ (CCPEDQ), a Quebec based billion dollar credit union as Senior Architect, implementing on-line banking and secure file transfer applications between the SMBs and the credit union.

Moving from Banking to ERP he worked as IT Manager for Frisco Bay Industries and then as an independent ERP consultant, certified in development, administration and in the areas of Distribution, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, Finance and more.

In 2006 he joined Bell Canada Business solutions as a Project Manager/ERP specialist. He brought to Bell, over 14 years of IT management experience in the areas of supply chain management (SCM) systems, business process re-engineering, vendor management, finance, HR, EAM, MRO and project management for enterprise-wide systems which he acquired for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. These clients include International Truck and Engine, Tyco, IBM, Nortel, Anderson Windows, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), and recently, the city of Laguna Beach California. Leslie has also worked on moderately sized municipal government (using GIS and more) to map water, gas and electrical power lines, meters, spare parts, tools warehouses, vehicles, employees, skills, and much more.

Leslie's areas of interest include: Project Management, Supply Chain Management Manufacturing - Designing, manufacturing and delivering products to market. His interest includes Open Source Systems and applied technology to save the SMB money. His hobbies include Linux and Cloud Computing.

Mr. Leslie graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and received his Bachelor of Science degree in the area of Mathematics and Physics. He holds a Masters Degree in statistical mathematics from University of British Columbia, and attended McGill university for studies towards the MBA degree. Leslie is a project management professional (PMP), a certified member of the Canadian Association Production Inventory Control Society (CAPICS) and the IEEE.

Maria Mercedes Arechavaleta
Executive Vice-President, Business Development
itBMS Founder

Maria Mercedes is responsible for itBMS’s strategy and day-to-day operations and currently serves as Vice President of itBMS Americas.

Prior to joining itBMS, Maria Mercedes served as “Executive Business Development Manager – Software” for Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), a consulting and research enterprise. In that role, Maria was responsible for the business development, negotiations with vendors in global markets and Vars. She successfully managed delivery programs to a worldwide clientele, gaining extensive experience in high technology and industrial companies, geographical sectors and industries.

Prior she joined TGL an Internet & website enterprise, as Online Marketing & Sales Director. She created the communications and marketing plans, developed media kits, applied strategies to improve online Google positioning, site traffic and subscribers. Her experience was in “lead generation” and web marketing for TGL. She has wide experience in traditional publishing and new online media.

Previously, Maria Mercedes worked in a variety of roles for Famic Technologies, a software and consulting company that specialized in OEM's solutions, industrial automation & software. Before leaving Famic, she was promoted to regional director of business development and developed channels of distribution –Software, bringing a proven track record of achieving increased revenue and profit growth.

Maria Mercedes has spoken at numerous industry events and conferences including AIE/IEEE, chambers of commerce, automation, ACCA, ASEE, at mines, shipyards, army, navy, governments, air force, TICS, and provided on-site products updates and training to representatives in the regions under her responsibility.

Throughout her career as a project manager, and marketer, Maria has contributed to the development of numerous projects, production of business reports and campaigns for companies such as CQI- Biomed International, Primeau Metal, Russel Metals, Protectron and Fortune 500 companies such as Nissan, Renault, and Ford.

Mrs. Maria Mercedes is a graduate of University of Montreal - HEC Montreal Business School of Canada, and received her Bachelor in the Program of Business Management, specialized of Marketing, International Commerce & Administration. She is graduated from ARCIS University in Graphic Design. And has a variety of technical certificates and trainings such as computing sciences, electrical and more.

David Cohen
Technology Partner
Director R&D

David is responsible for itBMS’s Security Technology and currently serves as Director R&D at itBMS.

Prior to joining itBMS, Dave served as ‘’Technology Partner Director R&D of EPSOD, Productivity Solutions On-Demand’’ a wholly owned consulting, research and development enterprise. In that role, Dave managed software development projects from conception to post application support. He successfully managed delivery software of security software and hardware for the financial sector.

Prior to forming EPSOD, Dave worked for the “Confédération des Caisses Populaires et d’Économie Desjardins du Quebec (CPEDQ)” in a variety of positions as project leader and developer; He managed complex telecom and security projects ensuring timely development and implementation of computer applications within budget. As a coordinator of technology at CCPEDQ, he did research and planning in system engineering in regards to technological directions and in the preparation of tactical plans to coordinate multidisciplinary projects; he represented the CCPEDQ on inter-banking committees, served on Canadian banking committees mandated to develop and implement a nation-wide credit and debit card transaction Network.

In province-wide competitions, Dave was a winner of two (2) OCTAS awards for outstanding achievements in Innovation and Technology. Thought his career, Dave held various positions in the IT and IS computer fields, gaining hands-on in-depth knowledge of many diverse software systems. Dave was a past chairperson of the VISA Canadian Authorization Network (VCAN) Technical Committee and an active participant on inter-bank operational and management committees, supporting the Canadian Visa Network and contributing toward the establishment of the INTERAC Network across Canada.

Prior career experience included Senior Software Developer at Surefire Commerce Inc.(Former Micro Tempus Inc.) a recognized leader of consulting services where he delivered development of cross platform data movement solutions, and product integrations. His experience included all aspects of computer application delivery and interfacing with clients, suppliers and worked with sales to market software throughout the United States and Canada.

Dave came up through the ranks, gaining projects of increasing complexity. His development skills in mainframe, mini, micro and embedded software as well as TCP/IP networking have served him well. Previous experience included IST Industrielle-Vie services techniques, SMA, analyst in operational research.

Mr. Cohen is graduated Bachelor of Sciences at SGWU-Concordia (Math and Physics honors program) and, Bachelor of Commerce from SGWU-Concordia.

Armando Navarrete S.M.
Web designer consultant, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.

With more than 10 years experience in Web and Graphic design, Armando join the itBMS team with the task to develop and optimize the itBMS website and place it in the first places in Google. He designed and developed all the itBMS graphic collaterals, logos, animations, photography, manuals, CD covers, etc.

Armando as a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) expert is a member of SEOPROS, Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals. He attended Concordia University and the College De Maisonneuve in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). He has a variety of technical trainings such as Cinema, Marketing 2.0, Social Media Integration and more. He manage several websites as Web editor, and also teach at Teccart College and at the Montreal Art and Design Academy.

Armando's areas of interest include: Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Video, Social Media Integration, e-Commerce, Viral Marketing, Advanced Search in Internet (Boolean operators), Web Ergonomics, Usability Engineering and Testing, Usability Analythics and Optimization, W3C Optimization, Google Analythics, Search Engine Optimization / SEO, Project Portfolio Management, Images Manipulating

Kevin Fong
Senior Business Development Manager - North America

Prior to joining itBMS as a consultant, Kevin served as Business Development Manager and List Brokerage Manager for WSK Medical, a renowned medical research, publishing, and sales organization in the health care industry.

As Senior Business Development Manager with Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), Kevin specialized in development of the high-growth telecom, health care, and retail market sectors.

Other business development accomplishments include roles as Vice President of Administration for P.R. PulseLas Inc., a company specializing in the design of pulsed laser diodes for commercial and defense applications, and Marketing Manager, Customer Service Manager, and Key Account Sales Manager for PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (NYSE), where he was instrumental in growing the telecom division from under $6M to over $150M during his tenure.

Kevin’s grass roots experience lies in the electronics manufacturing and distribution fields, and includes work stints in purchasing, inventory controls, human resources, logistics, and supply chain, contract negotiations, and maintenance. Other experience includes managing the global distributor market and pricing management.

Kevin’s expert skills are to assist companies in market penetration into the U.S. and Canadian marketplaces. He brings over 20 years of successful and measurable results.

His skills in sales and marketing management, sales coaching, and market segmentation, and his evolved network of worldwide contacts are ideal for clients wishing to benefit from his business development know-how to increase sales and brand recognition.

B.A. Concordia University 1986. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Completed seminars in Voice of the Customer, Go to Market Strategies, Target Selection Strategies, Results-Based Leadership Workshop, The Guide to Strategic Selling, and Standards of Business Conduct.

itBMS External Consultants :

Alexander Hankewicz
Senior Research & BP/BI Advisor

Prior to joining itBMS, Alex served as a Senior Business Analyst for Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc. He has over 15 years of IT management experience in the areas of supply chain management (SCM) systems, business process re-engineering, vendor management, and project management for enterprise-wide systems for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including HP, Sony Ericsson, Nortel, and Perkins Elmer.

Alex is certified as a project management professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI). He attended Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and received his bachelor of commerce degree in the area of finance and administration. Subsequently, he attended the CDI Institute in Montreal and received a certificate of computer programming and systems analysis. Alex is a certified member of the Canadian Association Production Inventory Control Society (CAPICS).

Alex has written numerous articles in the areas of project management and SCM systems for TEC, PM Hut, Canadian Logistics, and DC Velocity.

Alex's areas of interest include: SCM designing, manufacturing and delivering a product to market. Vendor Contract Management - Optimization of resources, strategic planning, contract negotiation and development. Project Portfolio Management - Project and budget alignment and management. BI - Analytics, research, and data warehousing. ERP Systems - Financial management, manufacturing, logistics, capacity planning, product configuration and design.

Andrée Savard
Communication and Public Relations Officer

Prior to joining itBMS, Ms Andrée participated as Assistant Coordinator and Linguistic Consultant in the creation of the first cross-Canada English French bilingual online health publications ordering system, managed by Toronto-based Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange an affiliate of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Andrée was also a team leader that implemented the first Ontario Canada provincial, bilingual center for resources in literacy and learning of the Canadian official languages for immigrants. Alpha Ontario (now Alpha Plus), is in operation for the past 20 years.

Andrée worked as Promotion Officer in the Labor and Cross-cultural Relations areas, particularly at the Quebec Association of Visual Artists (an affiliate of the Canadian Artists’ Representation) and the Intercultural Institute of Montreal, where she helped setting up the first Summer school. She also worked for Crop and TM publishers, doing Quality Control of editorial content.

Andree’s work is quite diverse; having stints as a Linguistic consultant for Visual Arts Promoters and in the telecommunications industries, as well, as a linguistic consultant in Francization. This work was done at large multi-national corporations including Laboratories Renaud, Russel Metals, Talafonemobility, Objective Security, in linguistic services for Excellence French Communications and Transletters of Toronto Ontario. Her marketing and technical mandates includes: Renaud, L'Oreal, Estée Lauder, Cadbury, Dimpflemeyer, Weston, Alberto-Culver, Yardley, Unilever, Home Hardware, and Provincial Governments.

Native of Quebec City, Andrée is a graduate of Marketing Communications from University of Montreal and HEC Montreal Business School, and Social Sciences from Laval University of Quebec City. Andrée currently lives in Montreal where she is pursuing graduate studies in Applied Communications.

Eri Lida
Translation Coordinator

Eri Iida is a translation coordinator and Japanese translator at IT Business and Marketing Solutions Inc.(itBMS). Eri is the author of online articles about Japanese enterprise software.

At itBMS Eri is the responsible for our Japanese market documentation, and for business development for Japan.

Prior to joining itBMS, Eri worked for as an in-house English-Japanese translator at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), a consulting and research enterprise specialized in the IT industry where her responsibilities included translation, proofreading and editing company websites contents, brochures, marketing collateral's, case studies, online articles, press releases, and RFPs (Request for Proposals).

In Montreal, she works as an ESL (English as a second language) teacher, Japanese teacher and a freelance English-Japanese translator.

Eri holds a Master's Degree in second language education from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and a Bachelor's Degree in English from Kobe College in Nishinomiya, Hyogo (Japan). She also holds a Certificate in International Trade Management from “Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)”, Ottawa (Canada).

Izabela Zdun
Polish translator

Prior to commencing collaboration with itBMS, Izabela held a position of an in-house Russian-Polish-English translator and was responsible for translating and editing various texts in the domain of business and IT technologies.

Actually, she is a freelance translator and a Russian language instructor.

A person with an infinite curiosity about life, an avid bibliophile, and a language prestidigitator with a well-nigh religious devotion to the spoken and the written word.

Izabela graduated with a B.A. in Interpreting and Translation of Specialized Texts and an M.A. in Russian Studies and Literary Translation at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East-Slavonic Studies from Warsaw University, Poland.



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